Control of parts & assemblies

Check the dimensions of parts that you manufacture and the quality of their assembly.


Don’t lose control

Numerous systems used in the nuclear industry require mechanical parts assembled together. Certain mechanical parts must respect precise dimensions, with challenging tolerance intervals. Moreover, they must be assembled with great care, because every mounting error bears important risks. Our dimensional control and inspection solutions let you control the manufacturing of such parts.

  • X-ray & vision inspection

    Industrial or X-ray vision methods take pictures of the controlled assemblies and use image processing algorithms to check the presence of mechanical and electronic parts (eg screws, connectors), clearance, soldering quality, material failure.

  • Dimensional control

    The dimensions of parts (inner or outer diameters, thicknesses, etc) can be controlled without contact by pneumatic or optical methods, or by tactile sensors. Geometrical specification (flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, etc) are controlled thanks to a combination of several dimensional measurements.

  • Automation

    For safety, ergonomics or measurement productivity reasons, controls can be automated with conveyors, rotating plates, robots or cobots.

  • Software

    Our software automates measurements and controls, analyzes the results, and generates reliable and sophisticated reports. The functions include industrial data management, image processing, Supervision, Control / Command, Human Machine Interfaces, etc.

  • Integration in nuclear environments

    If specific handling constraints are required, the solutions can be adapted to be used in gloveboxes of hot cells.