Properties of nuclear & non-nuclear materials

Determine the thermal and thermophysical properties of your materials.


Know your materials better

Many materials used in the nuclear industry or research are exposed during their manufacturing or use to variable, sometimes very high, temperatures. It is essential in these temperature conditions to know their behavior and reactivity well to keep control over their stability, their lifecycle, or their evolution. Our thermal analysis solutions SETARAM FOR NUCLEAR determine the properties of these materials and their changes.

  • Thermal analysis

    These techniques measure the thermal properties, such as temperatures of phase change (ex: melting, crystallization, glass transition), the phase diagrams, the temperatures, rates, and profiles of decomposition, of gas-solid reactions (ex: oxidation). They also measure thermophysical properties, like heat capacity and thermal expansion coefficient.

  • Software

    Measurements are programmed, recorded, and processed by our Calisto software, recognized as the most powerful on the thermal analysis market.

  • Integration in nuclear environments

    If specific handling constraints are required, the solutions can be adapted to be used in gloveboxes of hot cells.