Thermal Stability & Properties


Temperature rules!

Thanks to our thermal analysis solutions find out how your materials change or decompose with temperature. Our TGA, DTA, DSC or TMA can be used on a standard lab bench or customized for gloveboxes or hot cells.

  • Reaction and decomposition

    Our thermogravimetric (TGA) and simultaneous (STA) analyzers can determine the temperatures, rates, and profiles of solid-gas reactions and of decomposition of any kind of material.

  • Composition

    By decomposing material samples, you can obtain important information about their initial composition: ash content, oxygen-metal ratio (oxygen stoichiometry), etc…

  • Change of state

    Measure a material’s temperature of melting, crystallization, glass transition and determine their phase diagrams. They can then be used as tools to assess how temperature impacts their physical state.

associated solutions

  • Setaram for nuclear

    Our solutions for the measurement of thermal and thermophysical properties of materials.


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