Civil waste management


Characterize your waste by non-destructive methods

Managing waste from the nuclear industry requires in-depth characterization at various stages. Our range of non-destructive measurement solutions can characterize waste and containers with different shapes, dimensions, quantities and compositions.

  • Site security

    The security of a site that is operational or dismantling is better guaranteed if the waste produced or stored is well-characterized. Our calorimetry, gamma ray spectrometry and neutron counting solutions can reliably characterize this waste.

  • Selection of disposal mode

    The correct classification of waste based on its activity and lifetime is necessary to ensure a high level of security and economical performance. Our characterization solutions provide reliable data to help you choose their conditioning and disposal mode.

  • Legacy waste

    Legacy wastes have been conditioned and stored a long time ago. Their characterization is a specific challenge because of their unknown composition, their heterogeneity, and their potential transformation with time. Combining our measurement solutions can address this challenge.

  • Radioactive material transportation

    Regulation normalizes radioactive material transportation and ensures its in-depth characterization in terms of composition, form and activity. Our measurement solutions provide this characterization and the data to assign the appropriate transport security level.

associated solutions


    For the most accurate quantification of medium size containers


    For the most accurate quantification of large containers

  • n-CHECK

    Your custom-designed solution integrating Neutron Counting


    Your custom-designed solution integrating Gamma Spectrometry

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